Bricks and Dedication Opportunities

The National Corvette Museum offers a number of ways to recognize or commemorate a special someone, anniversary, car, event, business, child and more. Each of these recognition opportunities are considered a tax deductible donation to the Museum. View more information below, and click each opportunity’s title to see additional options/logos, details and how to order online.

Walk of Fame Bricks Museum Walk of Fame Bricks
Outdoor sidewalks leading to the Museum entrance.
Small Standard Brick 4″ x 8″
NCM Member $100 | Non-Member $125
Other sizes and logo options available. Prices vary.
Add a duplicate brick for you to keep for $75.

Motorsports Park Bricks NCM Motorsports Park Walk of Fame Bricks
Outdoor sidewalk in front of the Holley Tower at the NCM Motorsports Park.
Small Standard Brick 4″ x 8″
NCM Member $200 | Non-Member $250
Add a duplicate brick for you to keep for $75.
Medium Brick
NCM Member $500 | Non-Member $550
Add a duplicate brick for $250

Hexagon Bricks Hexagon Bricks
Located indoors on Corvette Boulevard.
8″ Diameter, includes logo choice of C1-C8 or the NCM spire along with three lines of text (note: C7 & C8 logo only includes two lines of text.)
NCM Member $200 | Non-Member $250
Duplicate Brick $75.

Flint Brick Wall Flint Brick Wall
Have your name, business, or club engraved on a signature plate and attached as a permanent fixture incorporated into the Flint brick wall of the St. Louis Corvette Assembly Plant display of the Museum. Each brick space is recognized with a certificate for a donation.

Entryway Tile Custom Entryway Tile
Located in entryway of the Museum’s original main doors.
NCM Member $200 | Non-Member $250
Duplicate tile $75
Price includes text and current art on file. If your logo or graphic has never been placed on a brick, there will be an additional $100 charge to cover design fees with custom detailed art. Limited to 16 characters/spaces per line.

Chevrolet Theater Seats Chevrolet Theater Seats
A limited number of seat naming opportunities in the Museum’s Chevrolet Theater are offered. Donors may choose from available seats and specify what is printed on the naming plate. Plates can accommodate up to five lines of text, with a maximum of 30 characters and/or spaces per line.

Dedicate a Tree Program Dedicate-A-Tree
New and existing tree dedications include a recognition plaque that is installed at the base of the tree with a maximum of three lines of text, up to 13 characters per line. The donation period is for ten years, and after that time the tree will be available for renewal.
Existing Tree $500 | New Tree $750.Order by contacting Bobbie Jo at 270-467-8833 or Becky at 270-467-8836.

Performance Gallery Carpet Performance and Racing Gallery Commemorative Carpet Cards
On September 2, 1994 the National Corvette Museum opened in Bowling Green, Kentucky to much fanfare. One of the original exhibit galleries of the Museum was the Performance Area. This circular room is 80 feet in diameter with its outer wall originally covered by a giant panoramic mural of famous Corvette racecars. Several well-known racers from the late 1950’s to the ultra-high performance racecars of today were arranged on a simulated racetrack. The Performance Area of the Museum also featured cutaways of high horsepower engines and powertrains, giving visitors a close-up glimpse at the “Heart of the Beast.”

In 2019, thanks to the generosity of E. Pierce Marshall Jr. as a tribute to his late father, E. Pierce Marshall, work began on a major facelift to the gallery. This would be the first time the gallery had seen major upgrades since the exhibit opened in 1994. As part of the renovation process, the dark green and purple hued carpet squares were removed and made available as both a fundraiser and memento of the original Museum exhibit. On the reverse is an image of the Performance Area as it appeared prior to renovations, along with a small sample of the original flooring.

Choose from the Purple carpet option (blue-ish colored image postcard) or the Green carpet option (gold-ish colored image postcard). The commemorative cards with carpet pieces are available for a tax deductible donation of $50 for one or $75 for both designs. Buy online here or call Bobbie Jo at 270-467-8833.

Club Parking Lot Banners Club Parking Lot Banners
Corvette Clubs can sponsor banners in the Museum’s parking lot.
Corvette Cafe Table Tops
Corvette Clubs can sponsor a table in the Corvette Cafe! Only 18 total tables are available, and the sponsorships are for three year period. After your table has been displayed for the three years, you have the option to keep your table top! (*Table must be picked up within the allotted time frame. No shipping, and no holds available.) Sponsorships are $3,000.Contact Stephanie Morrill via email or at 270-467-8837 to reserve your spot.