National Corvette Museum Mission Statement

The mission of the National Corvette Museum is to celebrate the Corvette’s invention, and preserve the legendary automobile’s past, present, and future. The museum will serve as an educational and research model for all to enjoy.

• Promote the restoration, preservation, and conservation of America’s only sports car.
• Be a repository of, and preserve, printed technical materials and historical information on the Corvette automobile.
• Enhance the knowledge of the general public regarding the design, development, construction, and history of the Corvette automobile.
• Provide information to the general public, collectors and automobile historians about the Corvette automobile.
• Provide a facility to house and display the Corvette automobile for public exhibition, and for research in the areas of the automotive sciences and automobile mechanics.
• Provide historical literature and memorabilia on the Corvette automobile, from its development to the present day, for the general public and collectors.