Creating Corvette Dreamers, One Birthday at a Time

Grant in the KidZoneWhen you’re an adult – an amazing birthday gift might be a brand new Corvette, big red bow and all. But when you are a kid… what’s the next best thing? For five-year-old Grant, a visit to the National Corvette Museum was his birthday wish. “He wanted to visit the ‘testing track,’” his mom shared with us, “so we settled on the Corvette Museum.”

Long-time employee Adam Boca happened to be walking through the Museum when he encountered the visitors. “Grant stopped me and exclaimed excitedly, ‘today is my birthday, and I am five-years-old!’ I told him that was awesome, and shared that my son, Owen, was celebrating his fifth birthday today, too!”

Adam thought a special touch for the day would be a little behind-the-scenes access for Grant, his Mom and his younger brother Jude. “I asked if he wanted to go see some hidden treasures in the secret part of the Museum, and he was very happy to do so.” Adam took the trio through our car maintenance and preservation area to a space where we store extra cars for display rotation. “While in the back Grant got to sit in a 2003 50th Anniversary Corvette, and helped test it to make sure the horn was working.”

Adam added that Grant was super excited about our KidZone and Pat’s Super Service Station. “You could tell he was having a great time. It’s great to see young, enthusiastic kids enjoying what we have at the Museum.”

Of course, we couldn’t let Grant leave empty handed so we made sure to give him a few trinkets to remember his special day at the Museum.

Thanks to Grant for picking us to spend your birthday! If you are planning a birthday celebration for your child, the KidZone has a party room available for rent. More information is online here. Or you can do like Grant and just pop by to enjoy the exhibits! The Museum is open daily, 8am-5pm CT and is located at I-65 exit 28 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.