Compressing Corvette Fun

Dick & Linda BottisIf you live in Southern California, it is quite a haul to drive cross country to Bowling Green, Kentucky for a visit to the National Corvette Museum. That’s why for Dick and Linda Bottis of Fountain Valley, CA, it typically only happens every five years for the National Corvette Caravan. Except this year, when they made two trips to Bowling Green.

“When I saw the Z06 I decided it would be my next car,” said Dick. “Jack Matukas [former Museum board chair] joined our club [Corvettes of So. Cal.] and had done the Engine Build and Buyer’s Tour programs. I’ve never built an engine but always dreamed of doing it.”

With the debut of the new PD5 option, which compresses an Engine Build and Buyer’s Tour into a period of a few days, Dick was able to enjoy two experiences with his Corvette on one visit to Bowling Green. “I built the engine on Tuesday, and started it up on Wednesday.”

Next on their list was to take R8C delivery of their Corvette at the Museum. The couple had participated in a R8C delivery in 2008 and were looking forward to doing it again. And even better, this time they were able to combine the delivery with participation in the Vets ‘n Vettes event. “Every time I would get my America’s Sports Car magazine I would read about it. Living across the country I couldn’t justify driving from California just to attend, but it worked out to pick up my car days before so we could stay and participate.”

Dick BottisIt’s only appropriate that the Bottis’s participated in Vets ‘n Vettes as Dick joined the U.S. Army in 1965 at the age of 17 (right after graduating from high school) and retired in 1985 after having been enlisted for the first 15 years, and retiring as a CW2 Warrant Officer.

The icing on the cake was that Linda and Dick celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary on November 3.

“We had a great time, met new friends at the Vets ‘n Vettes show and we did enjoy the evening meal at the VFW,” said Dick.  “As for our anniversary… every anniversary is nice when you spend it with your best friend. Linda and I were both very impressed with how the community of Bowling Green honors Veterans.”

Learn more about our delivery programs here, and mark your calendars for next year’s Vets ‘n Vettes event November 2-4, 2017!

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