Bring the Kids for Extra R8C Fun

Many Corvette enthusiasts have a story about the first Corvette they saw, how they fell in love with the iconic sports car and how they then made it their personal mission to one day buy their very own. John Bungard and his family became enthusiasts in a much different way. He knew he wanted a sports car, having grown up riding go-karts, dirt bikes, motorcycles and more – so a sports car was the logical next step. But he needed to decide between a Porsche and a Corvette. John began researching his potential purchase. Ultimately, it was the value of Corvette, and horsepower for the dollar that was the deciding factor.

During his research John discovered the R8C and Glazer Family Delivery Programs. “I was on Corvette Forum, doing some research on what I was going to get and a lot of folks were talking about delivery at the factory. I’d also read about it in the Corvette brochure, so I looked into it more. We wanted to make this a family event.”

Though taking delivery of his new Corvette was to be a family occasion, the kids had no idea.  “My brother lives in Spencer, TN so we told the kids we were visiting him. They know I like cars, so I said we’d stop at the Corvette Museum.”

John, his wife Kathy and two children, Luke, age 12 at the time, and Abby, age 8, entered the Museum – first checking out the C7 Grand Sport in the lobby that guests can sit in. “I jokingly said they could go pick one out that we could take home so we started walking down Corvette Boulevard.  Luke saw the tag with Bungard Family on it and he looked at that and he looked at me, looked at that then looked at me and said ‘no way.’ He got all excited.”

Luke and Abby ride out of the Museum with Delivery Host Stacy Herrington.

John says the family enjoyed their personalized Museum tour, and the kids got to ask a lot of questions. “It was neat because I wouldn’t have been able to give them the same history lesson, so that was cool.” For the drive out of the Museum, Luke and Abby shared the passenger seat. “We got it all on video. It was a memorable experience for sure. We also got the personalized plate in the car that says The Bungard Family so they now have a history with picking up our first Corvette.”

Since taking delivery of their Corvette in July of 2017, the Bungards have been busy enjoying the Corvette hobby and have attended Queen City Corvette Club meetings in Charlotte, NC. “I didn’t think my son would like it because it was a lot of talking, but he can’t get enough. He wants to go back whenever school and soccer don’t conflict.” John and Luke also attended their first IMSA race at VIR, participating in the Corvette corral and driving on the track.  John and Kathy attended the 2-day Corvette Driving School at Spring Mountain in Nevada, and participated in a Chevrolet Appreciation Day at Charlotte Motor Speedway, taking the car on the zMax dragway, oval and infield road course. For Abby, she likes being picked up at school in the Vette, and driving around with the top down to look at Christmas lights.

The Bungards are looking forward to another visit to Bowling Green for an HPDE, race sessions at the NCM Kartplex and to experience more at the Gateway to all things Corvette.

The Ed and Shari Glazer Family Corvette Delivery Program includes a few extra perks including special readerboard and display mat, ice cream and tshirt for each child/grandchild, special photo and more. For more information on how your family (kids and even grandkids) can participate in the Glazer Family Delivery program, visit the website at