The National Corvette Museum acts as the steward for all Corvette enthusiasts, by fulfilling our mission to celebrate the Corvette’s invention, and preserve the legendary automobile’s past, present, and future. The Museum will serve as an educational and research model for all to enjoy. The Museum was opened on Labor Day weekend in 1994. At that time, the NCM stated that the Museum belonged to all the Corvette enthusiasts and therefore it was their Museum.

The NCM is helping to fulfill that commitment by continually improving on program that encourages and facilitates participation from the Corvette enthusiast community in the future development of the National Corvette Museum.


The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide Corvette clubs/organizations a two way communication link to the NCM. This program provides several opportunities to offer support through participation and involvement in the functions of the Museum. Corvette clubs/organizations can play an important role in the mission of the National Corvette Museum by providing the NCM and its staff guidance and assistance.


Each participating Corvette club/organization will nominate/select an “Ambassador” to act as the liaison of that club/organization to the National Corvette Museum. The person selected to be an “Ambassador” will have a distinct interest in the success and future of the Museum and be at least an active Individual member of the NCM.

The Ambassador’s mission will be that of receiving and disseminating the most current and correct information from the Museum, and to convey that information to their local Corvette club/organization. The Ambassador will act as a Museum representative to promote and solicit support for the Museum through promotional activities and encourage other Corvette enthusiasts to join the Museum. Additionally, the Ambassador will be the voice of the Corvette club/organization, communicating concerns, ideas and suggestions to the NCM.

Selecting an Ambassador

The Corvette club/organization shall submit an application naming its selection of an ambassador to the NCM. The Ambassador must be a minimum of current Individual member of the National Corvette Museum. The NCM will process the application and mail the Ambassador their welcome kit. The selected Ambassador will then be the point of contact for the NCM. Ambassadors are encouraged to attend NCM membership meetings. At least one Ambassador meeting will be held each year in conjunction with our Corvette Celebration each Labor Day Weekend.

The National Corvette Museum communicates to our Ambassadors through e-mails on our Ambassador E-mail list, NCM eNews, Facebook, Twitter etc. The Ambassador Facebook page is also a forum to be used among the Ambassadors to share ideas with each other and the Museum. The Corvette clubs/organizations are invited to send their club newsletter to the NCM to be included in the library. Ambassadors are encouraged to contact Stephanie Morrill at any time for assistance with projects or questions.

Program Updates

To make the program more effective, we are transitioning the points system to a calendar year, versus the June/July program previously used.  This will coincide with club elections much better. Points will be accumulated from January 1 to December 31 and recognition will take place during the Bash.  This will be an extended points reporting time frame as we will not collect points sheets until January 2020. Point requirements are 200 for Master and 50 required to remain an active Ambassador.

Ambassadors that do not submit points will receive notification of removal from the program.

Download the Ambassador Application

We host three Ambassador meetings each year.  The first is in conjunction with our Bash event the last weekend of April, the second as part of our festivities during the Corvette Celebration Labor Day Weekend and then our two day Ambassador Convention held the beginning of November each year.  Stay tuned on the facebook group for updated dates and times.

Club Visits

Want to bring a group of car friends to the Museum for tours, lunch and maybe some laps on the track? We’d be happy to work with you on planning a visit. Click here for more info.

Club Awards

Each year the Museum awards clubs in a number of categories, recognizing the work they perform to support and promote the Museum. Below are links with details and helpful resources on the award categories as well as links to enter.

Club Newsletter Tips & Score Sheet
Club Website Score Sheet
Social Media Award Judging Criteria

Club Cafe Table Tops

Corvette Clubs can sponsor a table in the Corvette Cafe! Only 18 total tables are available, and the sponsorships are for three year period. After your table has been displayed for the three years, you have the option to keep your table top! (*Table must be picked up within the allotted time frame. No shipping, and no holds available.) Sponsorships are $3,000.Contact Stephanie Morrill via email at  or at 270-467-8837 to reserve your spot.

Ambassador Convention Seminars

Ambassador Points
Curator’s Corner
Future of NCM Events
History of the NCM
Plant Updates and Plans with Nora Roper
Raffle Update

Helpful Links

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