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Museum Gifted Two Corvettes

Bill Engle's 1967 and 1987 Corvettes
William (Bill) Engel, Jr. a.k.a. “Sweat Hog” of Albany, NY; Ridgewood, NJ and now Summit, NY has owned three Corvettes, equally spaced 20 years apart and each with its own memories. The first was a 1967, bought May 24, 1971 as the third owner. “At the time of purchase the engine was dismantled and there …

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Car Part Art Exhibit Converts Function to Form

The car you are driving today will be a good source of many recyclable materials tomorrow. In fact, around 80 percent of a car can be recycled, and much of it takes place while your car is still in service through aftermarket recycling. The National Corvette Museum’s new exhibit, Car Part Art, teaches visitors not …

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Condes Donate Anniversary Corvettes

Conde Corvette Donation
When deciding to donate a car to the National Corvette Museum, each donor has their reasons. For some it is to make room in their garage for the latest model, others it is because they would like to take advantage of the tax write-off benefits. For Craig Conde it was a combination of reasons, making …

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